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Bi Colored Boxes Knit Cloth

I designed this as a Birthday Present from me to all of you, my friends. But since I couldn’t get it done in time for my birthday on the 30th, I decided to present it as a Labor Day gift. Hope you like it enough to knit it.

Take care everyone!

August 27, 2010


Materials: 2 solid (1 light, 1 dark) w.w 100% cotton yarn
Size 4 needles, either straight or circulars.

Abbreviations: Wyif (with yarn in front, is always done on the wrong side)
Wyib (with yarn in back, is always done on the right side)
Notes: Always slip stitches as if to purl.
Border stitches are K3 on left and right of pattern.
If needed, use stitch markers to help you determine these stitches. K3, then pm, work pattern, pm, k3.

CO 41

1-3: k across
4: k3, p across to last 3 sts, k3
5: With CC, (B), k2, *wyib sl 1, k5, wyib, sl 1, k1; rep from *, ending k1, (B)
6: and all wrong side rows, Purl all knit stitches and sl all sts wyif except for row 17
7: With MC; (B), k3, *wyib sl 1, k3; rep from * to end, (B)
9: With CC, (B), k4, wyib sl 1, k1, wyib sl 1, *k5, wyib sl 1, k1, wyib sl 1; rep from * ending k4, (B)
11: With MC, (B), k3, *wyib sl 1, k3; rep from * to end, (B)
13: With CC, (B), k2, *wyib sl 1, k5, wyib sl 1, k1*; rep from * ending k1, (B)
15: With MC, k across
16: With MC, (B), p across to last 3 sts, k3
17-20: With MC, rep rows 15,16
Repeat Rows 3-20; 1 more time
Now, Reversing colors, your Contrasting color will now become your Main color and what was the Main color will now be your Contrasting color. You will work 4 rows of stockingette stitch in the old MC then work 4 rows of stockingette stitch with the new MC then continue with pattern.
Repeat Rows 5-20: 2 times
Repeat 1-3 for border. Bind off. Weave in tails.
Block if needed.

Copyright@8/2010 SouthernComfortKC
All Rights Reserved.



Comments on: "Bi-Colored Boxes Knit Dishcloth" (6)

  1. Hollis Hillhouse said:

    I have a few questions, what does the letter (B) indicate in the pattern? Also, When instructed to slip with yarn in front or back, does it mean in orientation to the needles (front being forward between the 2 needles, back being between the 2 needles to the back ), or to the orientation of the pattern (front side of pattern and back side of pattern).

    • If you read the pattern, the letter B indicates the color you are working. When instructing to slip with yarn in front, it means just that, move your working yarn to the front of your work, or move your working yarn to the back of your work when slipping stitches.

      • O.K. sorry to be so dense, but this pattern is really beautiful and I want to get it right. If “B” is the color I am working with- then rows with CC (contrasting color), and MC (main color) are both labeled as “B”? And what color are the P rows supposed to be? main color or contrasting color? For some reason I am having a hard time wrapping my nrain around what seems to be a pretty simple pattern.

      • Ok, lets take this slow:
        If you read the Abbreviations above before starting, it told you that ‘B’ is for the 3 border stitches. To help you remember that,
        k3, put a marker on your needle, now knit the pattern according to the directions till you get to the last 3 sts, put another marker on your needle, then k3. Those 2 markers will indicate that those 3 stitches on either side of your main body are your BORDER (B) sts.

      • Ahhhhh, the border stitches! All is revealed. The funny thing is, I am not a beginner knitter. I really should have been able to figure this out myself. I need to slow down and read more carefully.

        I thank you so much for your kindness, patience, and your generosity in sharing all these gorgeous patterns.

      • LOL, it’s ok, we’ve all been there, including me! No worries, I’m just glad I was able to help. I’ll be posting a new freebie in a few minutes, so be on the look-out!!
        Happy Knitting!!

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