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Well Here it is!!

….You can now purchase the download version of the “2015 Knitting Calendar…Year of the Sheep”.  We hope everyone enjoys this issue.  You can also check the website for previous photos uploaded to the site.  The cost is $12 for a download copy and $19 for a printed version in the US.  Due to the shipping cost, the Canada purchase is $21. 

There is a raffle for those who purchase the calendar.  This raffle will be held in October.  The prizes are 1st Prize: 6 skeins of yarn and a pair of #6 needles with Sheep on the heads of needles, 2nd Prize: 6 skeins of yarn and a pair of #6 wooden needles, 3rd Prize is a project bag with 6 skeins of yarn.

If you want earlier editions of our calendars, downloads will be available for $8.  The printed version of the older calendars aren’t available for that amount.  If you do have an interest in purchasing “Printed” versions of the older calendars , please contact me directly.  I have a few copies left so if I still have those particulars years that you want, I will ship them.

Visit http://dishclothcalendar.com/ for more info or to purchase.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me Janet Nogle jcnogle@gmail.com .


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