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2015 Calendar Update

Another update on the Calendar from Janet Nogle for those interested.

“A little info…it does have over 25 patterns, some are dishcloths,
facecloths, a towel set, a bread basket cover, a hat, a scarf and a yarn
section for the new knitters along with knitting aids. We have the new
patterns for 2015, we have a section of some past favorites, a bonus
section AND a chance to win a pair of “Sheep” knitting needles or wood
grain set of knitting needles or a knitting project bag.

There will be 3 prize packages of yarn and knitting accessories. This is
also covered in the calendar. Everyone who purchases a calendar will be
eligible to win one of the packages. You don’t have to do anything,
this will be automatically done. The cost is $12 for a downloaded copy,
$19 for a printed copy in the US, which includes shipping. Any orders
outside the US: We will ship to some areas outside the US but the cost
varies due to shipping distance. Just send me an email and I can let you
know if any price adjustment is needed. Canada is one of the countries
we will ship to. I know we have quite a few Canadian friends in our midst.”

Janet Nogle ~ Moderator


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