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TopNotch Knit Dishcloth

Topnotch Knit Dishcloth

©2013 SouthernComfortKC ~ Michelle C


Materials:  1 ball of ww cotton yarn

1 set of sz US4 needles

Tapestry Needle


Sample was 7×7″

Note:  Slip all stitches as if to Purl.

Co 30

1:  K1, *WYF-SL1, K1* to last st, WYF-SL1

2:  P across to end

3:  WYF-SL1, *K1, WYF-SL1* to last st, K1

4:  P across to end.

Repeat these 4 rows till it’s the length you want.  Bind off, weave tails in and block if necessary

*Footnote [Best done with a solid color.]

All instructions and photos are the sole property of  Michelle C. – SouthernComfortKC. Using this pattern in any way as the basis for another pattern, modification of & re-publishing the pattern, transmitting, posting or uploading this pattern online, to a list service, library or database is strictly prohibited and is a violation of International Copyright laws.


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