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3 Onsies down….

And 3 onsies to go! lol Socks that is. I am really loving knitting socks but it’s that S.S.S I’m suffering from that is getting to me. What do I do? Knit a new sock! Now to go back and knit the other ones so I’ll actually have matching pairs…… If only I could get this 2 at a time method down, I’d have it made. Trust me I’ve tried 10 ways to sunday and it still gets messed up, twisted and backwards. No one I know locally knows how to do this, so for now, it’s DPN’s and 1 at a time. Although I keep saying to myself, ” You knitted the 2nd sock now co for the 1st one.” Solves that dreaded S.S.S …………. NOT


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  1. Get yourself another set of dpn needles in the same size and brand as the first. Then, you can work two socks at once – one on each set. You can work one row on each sock (great for repeating patterns while they are fresh in your mind) or do a few rows on one, then a few on the other…

    Not quite as efficient as two at once, but next best thing!!

    • Didn’t think of that, although on the Hug Me socks, I used a Crystal Palace sz 1 with no mm size on it, so have no idea what others I can use to match it. I can with the other 2 though. Thanks for that tip!

  2. You could wear unmatched socks and call them a pair. Seriously though, I do the thing with 2 sets of dpns. It works really well. You actually only need 7 needles if you work off sets of 4.

    • I tried 3 per sock and the front was too much for me, so I use 4 per sock, but now that I’m gathering 2 sets of DPN’s, I’ll try this out. Not sure why I never thought of it before.. Must have been a major brain cramp lol Thanks! 🙂

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