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Good Monday Morning!

And a slight vent.  I’ve tried to stay quiet and for those who really know me, that’s hard to do.lol

Ok, when it comes to crochet and it’s terms, I have issues about those who misinterpret things.

1: a crochet hook is just that, a hook, not a crochet needle.  Call it what it is, a Crochet Hook.  Does it look like a needle?

2: A granny square, is just that!  It’s the basic 3dc ch1, (except for the corners) go all around square.  You can’t find an afghan square that doesn’t look like the traditional granny and then call it a granny square, because it isn’t.  If it doesn’t look anything like the traditional granny, then it’s not one, it’s just an afghan square.  Call it what it is!!!  You’re confusing the newbies.

3:  When it comes to Treble stitches there is a difference.  I’m talking US terms, not UK.  A Treble consists of a yo 2x.  When you do a Double treble, you yo 3x.  A Quadruple treble is yo 4x, so on and so forth (I’ve done 9 yo’s before, so it can be done).  If you aren’t sure, look it up, don’t assume a Double treble is a Treble, because it’s not!

Ok, those are the 3 worst issues I have…  I think..lol 

Now that I got that out and in the open, I’m going back to my corner and crochet some bibs.  HAGW!!


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