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My Fair Entries

I sent over a baby afghan, 2 Amigurumis, 1 Thread Ted, 1 pair of crochet and 1 pair of knit booties to my friend Cathy who lives in Queensland Aus.. Her and her daughter also had their entries sent in to their fair there. All our entries placed! We Three Rock!!!!
Photos are here:http://www.flickr.com/photos/raistlin320/

As for what I’m doing now? I’m knitting more booties, bibs, wrist cuffs dishcloths and soon, more Thread teds. I’ll be selling them per my boss’s request. She asked me to in with her and 2 other ladies to sell our crafts. One lady makes candles, my boss is now machine embroidery stitching and her SIL makes gift baskets. She wants to set up a booth to sell our things. Hopefully we’ll do well but I do want to keep it to small manageable items. I’d like not to mass produce any one item but if I like it well enough I’ll make more but in different colors.
The principle of the school I work at is due to become a Grandmother for the first time, so I’ve got to get her booties seamed and given to her within the next day or 2.

I’m trying to get photos taken of what I’ve finished, but want to have enough to show off first.

Later Gator!


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  1. Very nice Michelle!!! I've always loved your bears tho, they are so cute!!! Your crocheted things are wonderful. I love your knitted designs too ;).

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