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Busy, Busy, Busy

First week from work for summer break I was bored stiff! I fell into a crafting depression and didn’t want to do a thing. Well, the second week came around and our dear neighbors needed a sitter for their 2 kids. I was so happy to oblige. Their 14 year old wanted to learn to crochet, so off we went! Me teaching and her learning. Well, we’re on our way. She still has tension problems, but she did crochet a water bottle holder. She wanted it to look just like me and she even picked the exact same blue as mine. We or I should say, she finished yesterday. Tomorrow we work on the shoulder strap then I’ll sew the buttons on for her. She was sooo excited! Next up, her parent’s afghan she wants to make them for Christmas. Whew! We’re going to be busy. If only I can get her to ease up on the yarn a bit… Hmm, any ideas?

Well while all that went on, I was in a rush to get my fair entries shipped to Aus. I got an email Friday evening from a wonderful and dear friend of mine about the dates and she asked if I had any baby booties lying around. Well, no! But who says I can’t whip some up? So, I went a hunting for bootie patterns. They had to be easy and fast! I managed to knit a pair of these on Saturday night while trying to watch Inkheart movie
and crochet a pair of these on Sunday. Not too bad for quickies eh?
Ok, I just had to hve my Lady Laurabug doll,
and the baby boy afghan to go along for the trip to be entries, so they got packed along with some goodies in a box for my friends, and it all shipped yesterday.

Good god the shipping price almost made me fall over but I knew it all had to go, so I swallowed hard, wiped the sweat off my brow and paid the lady….. Whew! I hope they arrive before the 17th ( keeping fingers crossed). O, almost forgot, Annabelle will be there again this year, as the stewards specifically asked that she come back as an entry. She’s still in Aus living it up with my friends till after this year’s fair, then I get her back. I’ve missed her so!

ps… I actually managed to create a new dishcloth pattern. Going live soon, so be on the look out for it!


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  1. Awesome!!!! They are all wonderful. Where did you find the pattern for the boy afghan. I would love to make it for my twin grandsons.Good luck at the Fair.Cathy in Tn.

  2. Thank you so much Cathy! I'm sorry I didn't include information on the afghan, DUUH! It can be found at http://tinyurl.com/mz6289Enjoy!

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