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Well, School’s almost out, which means, I’ll not be working and on summer vacation. I’ve not been too busy with work that I didn’t squeeze in some crocheting and knitting.
I started a lace shawl which if I showed you, you’d think I wasn’t even interested in it. I swear I am, it’s just that it’s one of those ‘you ha
ve to concentrate’ patterns and you know when you’re not in that mood, mistakes happen and I don’t feel like frogging. So, that I’ll save for another time when I actually have something to show for it.

After Easter, I started crocheting caps for my granddaughter who requested some without holes she said. Well the best I came up with was the striped Beanie from the web and one from Crochet World mag. Can’t remember the issue right off hand.

She chose the colors, Pink, Gold, Blue, Purple. Which is in with the Blue, but I’ll make her a purple cap. I had already made a pink cap so I made another using brown as the main with med. rose as the stripe. The gold was a bit hard, so I added maize as the striping to offset it a bit.

Now in between all that, my nieces wanted bracelets, so I found these Ballband cuffs on Ravelry and knitted those up. I’d like to make more as they really do work up quickly.

Now for the dumpling bag. A while back I said I was going to make more, but only had time for 1 which hasn’t been sewn up and felted yet. I did manage to get it knitted on the way to see the kids over Easter weekend but that’s as far as it got. Yea, I know, it’s half the fun to shrink something, but I have to do it by hand before I pop it into the dryer, for further shrinking and my carpel tunnel has been flaring up lately. But I promise to get to it very soon, since I sooo want to embroider on it. Now that’s the fun part! The yarn I used is Paton’s Wool in Dark Teal.

Lets not forget the other knitted bag I completed that I also found on Ravelry..


Comments on: "Saturday" (2)

  1. Love the great caps and the bracelets are way cool!

  2. let me try this again :)I love the cuffs and caps, they are way cool. Also, your boy baby blanket above is gorgeous!! Love your color sense. Can you direct me to the ballband cuff pattern on Ravelry? I searched, but I didn't find! I am lesliewhozit on Ravelry.

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