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More like Monday blahs…lol
I caught a slight cold Saturday. Lovely huh. Especially when I’ve got Monday and Tuesday off from work for Mardi Gras – Fat Tuesday as they say here in the deep south. I don’t celebrate or go to any of the parades. I’ve not gone to any parades since we moved here 15 yrs ago. I’ve not ever been one to fight crowds, especially drunk crowds, for beads. I won’t even flash for beads either..LOL I don’t think I’d get anything if I flashed…lol I’ve seen some gals flash their ‘you-know-whats’ though, but that was when we went to a parade in Slidel Louisana umpteen yrs ago. We took my parents to a Mardi Gras parade while they were here visiting, then drove down to the French Quarter. That’s where all the flashing is. I mean drunk girls, and even a drunk guy…Now they’ll throw beads for you know what’s if you’re a girl, but if you’re a guy flashing your you-know-what you won’t get nuthin’! And, Boy was he mad! LOL
I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed for him, or laugh my butt off… I did both!
Anyhow, I’ve been getting ready for my son and his wife and 2 kids to come and visit from Jacksonville FL for the coming weekend. I have a backpack all but done for LucyJane and some caps for her older brother. These were done some time ago, I just never got her straps on because I needed her to be here to measure the straps to be sure they weren’t going to be either too short or too long. Now I can finally get it complete. I even made a chapstick holder to match the bag. I found the pattern in a Crochet World mag. It’s the one with the Teddy Bear ears and nose on the flap but I omitted all that and it came out just great.

There was a Michaels stock opened up last Wed. at the Hudsons Salvage, so after work last week, I drove over there and hit pay dirt on Soy Wool yarn and Tweedle Dee yarns I wanted, so now I can start knitting more Dumpling Bags and make more caps for my nephew. He requested some since he outgrew his others. I love the self striping colors of Tweedle Dee yarns and the boys really like the different colors as well. The whole Michaels stock was 50% off. I got 1 ball of every color T.D I could find and 2 balls of every color of the SWS I could find for the dumpling bags. These are so fun to knit. I also picked up some cross stitch cloth, threads, buttons, clock works for hubby. If you’re a knitter and are interested there’s a Ravelry group on these little bags.
Other than that, I’ve been just piddling around with 2 afghans that have been needing some serious crochet time. My MIL wants me to put them in the county fair coming this fall. I hope my thread ted is home from Australia by then. She’s there for this years fair again. She was entered last year and won 1st place. One of the stewards asked that she be re-entered again this year, so I just let her stay at a friends place there in Queensland. If I have anything done in enough time for their fair, I’ll ship to her and have it entered. I’m not sure what, but maybe a few Amigurumis. The people there aren’t really into Amis or thread teds so this is a unique thing for them. I’m hoping my entries will get them to broaden their horizons..

Until next time,
Take care!!


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  1. I have always wanted to go to the French Quarter but not during Mardi Gras.

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