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What a Week

I’ve been trying to get a few items that my coworker requested from the skein of yarn she bought. Now she doesn’t crochet nor does she knit, so when she saw the Petal Pink, she assumed it was baby yarn. She wanted me to make some booties with it and possibly a bear for her new granddaughter. Well the bear I could do, but not booties. I told her I had baby yarn in my stash, so I set to work and knitted a pair of Mary Janes from a Knit magazine. Very easy pattern I might add, which I need. Then I ran across another pattern for booties from an old Crochet magazine, so I pulled out some lavendar baby yarn and crocheted those. Well here comes the bear. Her request is an all Pink Bear. I thought about it for a while and even discussed it with my friend Evelyn. Evelyn suggested I ask if I could make a brown bear with pink jammies. So the next day, I asked my coworker if possibly I could make a brown bear with pink jammies. She said “No, I want a Pink Bear.” I said, “But it’ll be naked!” She said, ‘Well it’s not like it has anything down there.” I said, ‘How do you know have you looked lately?” She just laughed and laughed. I mean really, does anyone know if bears do or don’t have anything down there?

Ok, so a day goes by and I made the bear, got all the parts done, started assembly. OOps, time to head off to work. So break time comes and I’m telling her it’s all but done and I even had to crochet eyes and a nose so the baby can’t chew them off. She says, ‘ You didn’t have to do all that, it didn’t have to have a face.’ What?!?? No face?? Has she gone mad??? I looked at her, laughing the whole time and said, ‘Well it’s too late now, the head’s already on the body and I ain’t changin’ it now..” Can you imagine a pink bear with no eyes to see with or a nose to breathe with? What kind of a Grandma is she anyway. All dolls and animals have to see and breathe for goodness sakes…LOLOL

The shawl is for my granddaughter’s Cabbage Patch doll. The model belongs to me tho. Gotta have a model you know. They make sure the clothes fit.


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