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Well here’s the new cover to the knitting calendar

Knit in Colors!!

Can you see 2 familiar cloth designs in the photo? It took me a while, but I found one! Is that my cloth? Sure enough! How exciting to see a beautiful cover for dishcloth patterns then to see 1 of your design samples right there. I was shocked and oh, so honored. But then as I was admiring the other cloths, I found my 2nd cloth. WOW that is soo awsome!

I have 3 designs in the pattern calendar and we all are focusing on color, color, color! Variegateds, Solids, Ombres, Combination of the 2 or 3, who knows what you’ll find in this calendar.

12 full months of patterns for dishcloths, baby bibs, towels and much more! Oh and a calender to go with all those awsome patterns.. Who could ask for more???
For a look at more photos of what’s in the calendar, go to:



Comments on: "Knit In Colors 2009 Knit Calendar" (1)

  1. How exciting for you!!! I had to find you and check it out!!! CONGRATS!! What an honor

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