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Good News

Well I think so anyhow… I’ve not made many threadteds because I always felt they weren’t good enough. I enjoyed making the few I’ve made and always kept saying to myself I’m going to keep going to get better.

My first bear Minshoo [ http://tinyurl.com/6mc8us ] went to my mom who fell in love with him and his ball cap and promptly took him home. I still have my mouse who’s residing in my china cabinet with a store bought miniature bear.

Ok, well anyway… Not long after, I made Annabelle and she did turn out very cute if I do say so myself but then mom’s are always saying that. Well I couldn’t turn loose of her, so she and my mouse were housed in my china cabinet.

[Jump to a yr later]….. A few months ago, an online friend of mine who lives in Queensland Aus. talked me into entering into their fair. Well I didn’t have much as far as anything to speak of since everything I make ends up as gifts. I looked around and realized I had 2 doilies and Annabelle. “What the heck” I said. I boxed ’em all up, and shipped them off to her house in Qslnd.

On the 24th of this month, her and her hubby took them over to be entered and [quote from my friend]:
“Paul showed them your bear! They were stunned! Especially when Paul showed them how smoothly the dear little one’s joints move. That was fantastic! I wish you and Doug could have been here, it was fun! ”

I was in awe, when I read that part of the email. Ok, so maybe I’ve got a chance. Mind you, she had to be entered as a toy because that was the only catagory to put her in.

Today, I got another email and in it my friend says : “Your thread bear …… FIRST!”
Wow, I was shocked! My other 2 enteries did ok as well, 1 doily took 3rd and the other didn’t place but was very much admired.

To continue this she goes on to add : ” I was talking with Mrs Johnson, head steward, and she told me that she popped over to the teddy bear steward with your bear and said “Look what I have here!” The teddy bear steward said “Tell whoever made that to enter it with me next year please.” Oh Michelle, my dear, look what you have done for thread bear recognition in Australia!! You are super Michelle. Will you enter it next year please? I can hold it here or you can send the dear little bear back to me but pleeeeease can I put it in next year’s show for you?”

You know what I’ll tell her?? Absolutely! My Annabelle will now be a Jetsetter bear! Or is that a Bi Continental Bear ? lol I’ll send her things [ pillow, blankie and park bench to sit on] over to my friends house there in Aus so she can live with her for the next year till the next fair, then she’ll come home. Hubby suggested I make more! Can you belive it? So I’ve now wiped my desk clean of the other things I’ve been working on to start working on bears for next year..Hopefully Annabelle will have some friends beside her in the entry table.

Here’s a picture of Annabelle for those who never got to see her:


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