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Well it’s the 22nd and I’m anxiously awaiting the results of the Aus. fair. I entered 2 doilies and a thread ted I had made awhile back and they were the only items that I still had that didn’t leave the house. You know how those things happen. You make something. Display it somewhere, the next thing you know, someone comes over, sees it and away it goes right out the door. Never fails…lol Or, you make something like a scarf or 2, maybe a purse or 3. Store them away for future gifting or keeping, whichever comes first, then the next thing you know, the box is empty. Hontestly I don’t know how it happens. I think I have ghosts that come in and steal all my stuff 1 item at a time. I’m gonna have to find a better hiding place. That’s all there is to it! Because come Christmas I’m gonna need all those items I’ve been making all year and I can’t have them disappearing on me before I need them to. Well anyhow, here’s the photos I had taken when each of them were made.

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