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Do you ever buy a new color yarn then can’t figure out for the life of you, what to do with it? Well that’s me and cotton yarn. I buy a new color I didn’t have already in my stash, then I either want to knit a dishcloth, or crochet a waterbottle holder. But then, what pattern do I choose? I can never get my mind completely made up before I change it. In the end, I end up grabbing a hook and crocheting a waterbottle holder. Never fails! For one, they’re fairly quick to work up unless I’m on a design kick, then it’s not so quick and 2, if I stick to my basic design, there’s no thinking. Single crochet all the way around and up and Voil`a, it’s finished in a few hours.

One would think I’d have a pile of these things, but frankly they end up as give aways or in my case ‘take aways’. Practically anyone who sees one they like, they take it away from me and to their home. So far, I’ve managed to keep a hold of the last 3 I made. Not sure how that happens but it won’t be long before those get a new home and I’m left empty handed again.

This waterbottle holder is done in the Ombre and solid is from Sugar ‘n Cream Confectionaire in the Big Balls.

What’s challenging about making these waterbottle holders is that you only get a certain amount of stitches to work with. That’s it! No making it bigger or smaller to fit the pattern design. Especially when you’re wanting to incorporate 2 colors together into 1 design. Now that makes ya think!

This next one was done with 2 solids. Mauve and Siver Grey. I ordered these from A.A I could have gone straight to Elmore Pisgah but their s&h is a lot higher, plus I ordered some PC yarn as well. Now these 2 colors I didn’t have in my stash and I always wanted a Grey. Here I go with the ‘What do I knit with it?” question again… I couldn’t just decide on which colors to work with first. I kept going from 1 ball to the other saying ” I like this one, No. I like this one better.” Soo the hook came out and away I went. This is the end result and I really like how it turned out.

It really looks better in person than in the photo, trust me.

This last one done in Robin’s Egg ( Aqua) was done awhile ago, I’ve just not found the ‘right’ button for it yet. You ever have that problem? I have it all the time. I think that’s the hardest part of completing something. The embelishment. In this case it’s a requirement. But it doesn’t make it any less easier.


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