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I’m so Excited!

While working on my own patterns, ( Katherine, I swear I did not forget about you ), I tested 2 dishcloths for a great dishcloth designer, Susan Mrenna. She’s doing the whole alphabet with Pigs and the letters are in the center of the belly, along with some with other pictures in the center. I chose the letter D and the Butterfly to test. Since I’m right in the middle of my 3rd design for the 2009 calendar, time was running out on getting her’s done, so I cast on both at the same time. That was fun! One in Peach but the label says Tea Rose and the other in Pink. Went faster than doing 1 at a time but I got them done, blocked, scanned and sent off to her. Much to my delight and suprise, she emailed me this morning saying she is using my photos in her patterns!!! I’m so stoked! I sent her several others that I thought would be more pleasing and ‘not in your face’ but she opted to use the scanned ones. The others she will use on her Ravelry site. I’m twice excited, to say the least.

Comments on: "I’m so Excited!" (5)

  1. I love this pig! Do you sell you patterns? I ove to see more of your work!Thank youdebi

  2. I’m trying to but at the moment don’t have a PDF creator. Once I get that, then I’d like to start selling.

  3. Your pig photos are wonderful! I’ll bet Susan was thrilled to use them.

  4. Will you keep me “posted”? (Sorry, could resist the pun!) And would love to see more of your work. Are you on any of the KAL’s?debi

  5. I’m on the Monthly Dishcloths yahoo group and just joined Clothmakers from yahoo. I’ll let you know the minute I get the holders finished.

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