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Here it is Tuesday morning, 5:10am and I’m bored. Not sure why, I’ve got tons to do but it’s nothing I wanna do. I have a head sitting on my desk in desperate need of a body. Don’t worry, it’s just a miniature thread ted ..lol And you thought it was real. lol

I’ve got a dishcloth sitting here as well begging to be finished. It’s a
Not to mention all the housework chores that need to be done. I hate when the maid quits!
Anywhoo, I did manage to get a couple items photographed, or scanned in my case.. This is the bookcover I knitted. I also finished another test of the dishcloth I’ll be submitting to the 2009 Knit Calendar and I managed to design and crochet another Miser Bag. I call them my flat bottoms because they’re, well, flat on the bottom unlike the antique Miser bags or Reticules as they were also called back then..


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  1. the book cover is really beautiful!where would I find the pattern?

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