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I made for a coworker friend of mine. I’m taking it over to her this morning. I made the little pug head because she’s got a female pug named Penny. When I saw the pattern for this I knew I had to make it. The muzzle wasn’t the easiest to make and sew on and the designer was very rude to me when I had questions about it. Hmm… Not a good sign!

Other than that little shock, the rest was pretty easy to do and she sports a flower on top of her head. I have a small ring at the top center so she can hang it in her truck below the rear view mirror. Sorry the photo isn’t better or lighter, this digital camera is crappy but it’s pretty much what it looks like in person. I did some shading to resemble her real dog.

Ok, on to the doily. This is a short version of my friend’s original doily I made her last year. I was running out of thread and time so I purposely didn’t complete the whole pattern. Still looks good I think. Using a sz 5 hook, made it a pretty good size. I might make her a candle holder to sit on it or beside it. We’ll see..


Comments on: "Here’s the Birthday Presents" (3)

  1. lovely knitting and crochet.. thansk for reminding me that i hae some uncompleted work somewhere in my stash, i see you are going to do the Hungarian Sampler SAL, my pat one is finished, please scan for all to see if you can, regards..P

  2. That is a quite beautiful doily!I would ask for the pattern but I don’t have an appropriate space for it to reside.Guess I will just have to come back here to look at it.Janeyjaneyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

  3. The doily pattern is from an old Magic Crochet magazine. The Pug came from crochetville.org

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