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Not much new here

Just finished up a few things. Crocheted a scarf for a co worker. Nothing fancy, just length wise, P hook, 2 strands held together and sc’d the whole thing for 10 rows. Took 4 hrs to do. I brought it to work this morning and she loved it! Yarn was Luscious in Pink and Mosiac Twist in Tutie Fruity from H.L on sale .99 ea.

I’m working on another scarf from Patons Divine in Black for another co worker. Gosh I hate to see the girls cold…lol Another length wise scarf, again the same quick style and the same hook sz. This yarn is on sale 50% off at Michaels this week so only paid 2.49 per ball. I would ‘T.H.U.D’ but I hate that.

Here’s the 2 ballband dishcloths I finished up and yes another one is on the needles. 2 browns this time. Well Brown and Ecru. I’d been thinking about those colors together, so will post when that one is done. This first one is done in Natural and Stripes from S&G. The second one was scrap solids I had. with a Natural background. If you hate weaving tails, that one I don’t recommend doing then, because it’s 2 tails for every color

Here is the water bottle holder I designed too but forgot to post when I finished it, so here it is now. It’ll go in the ‘gift’ pile with some of the others I’ve done. Yes I know, ‘Where’s the Button?” Well, I’ve not found that ‘right’ button yet, but when I do, I’ll know it and have it sewn on ‘toot sweet’. lol

Ok, back to that black scarf I was telling you about.

Until next time!!


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