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February 21,2007

More exchange work

I have 1 more item to make then I need to take a break. My wrist is starting to kill me….uugghhh
I started this 12″ square this morning and in a few hrs, got it completed. I used TLC Essentials ‘Island’ color. The pattern comes from heartmadeblessings.org/patterns/BobbysSquare.asp My scanner couldn’t get the whole thing but at least the center is visible. I really like this pattern. Her guage and mine are right on target. G hook, for me anyhow, does produce a 12″ square. I made sure I measured every few rounds and for every round I had exactly 1 inch. I could never do that with Priscilla Hewitt’s patterns. I always had to go down to an F hook. Irritating! Anywhooo, I have to make a doily and then I will be done. Finished! No more!
Geez, only February and I feel like I’m totally behind in projects. I haven’t even figured out what to do for christmas yet. Well one good thing. both my neices are learning to crochet, so hopefully that will cross them off the gift giving list. Not to be mean or anything but I have got to shorten my list a bit and they, plus their brother do take up a bulk of the presents I make. Instead of making them stuff, I’ll send them ore supplies from my stash. They can always use supplies. I taught my best friend Carmen to crochet while I was back home, so she’ll be off my list. Now she understands why it is everytime she wanted me to make her something, I would always say, ‘Send me money’. She’s seeing the cost of the yarn, patterns and hooks and the time it takes to make something. So instead of making her stuff, I’ll send her supplies too. She’s wanting to try granny squares and scrap afghans, so this will lighen my load and she can use the yarn for her ‘experiments’ as she calls them….Hmm, wonder who she got that from. ROFL
I so want to concentrate on knitting. I still have so much to learn. Even tho I’m slow as molasses and I can speed thru crocheting, I still love knitting. Cagles are the next thing I concentrate on. Guess I’d better get started huh?


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