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Sept 8,2007

September 08

My Birthday Gifts

It’s been a full week. I had a birthday last thursday. My coworkers and my supervisor got me a beautiful Peace Lily in a very nice ceramic planter. Then hubby and I went out of town the next day for a mini vacation over the Labor Day weekend. I was off work for the next 4 days following and all of a sudden when the mail came, I started getting small packages. I thought, ‘What is all this?” Well one package was from Deborah, an online friend. She made me some lovely dishcloths and a coaster for my birthday. THANKS DEBORAH!! You’re a sneak! LOL
Then, yesterday, Friday.. on my way to to work, I stopped at my mailbox to retrieve the mail from the day before because i forgot and there were 2 more packages and a card. “Wow, what’s this? OOOH, it’s from Cathy and Sherry!” So after I get to work, I opened the packages from Cathy who is another online friend from Aus. I love getting packages from her cuz she’s a wonderful crocheter. Well look at what she sent! A tissue cover in thread and I love that Periwinkle color! An Amigurumi Valentine Bird, pen and tablet set. WTG Cathy!! I love them and you did a great job on the birdie. You have got to do another Amigurumi!!! I don’t care what you say, you did a wonderful job on it. Thank you bunches my friend!!
Ok, so I get thru that and open Sherry’s card and as I opened it a huge suprise fell out of it. HOLY COW!! I almost thought it was fake…lol
THANK YOU SHERRY!! What a lovely gift you sent and lord knows you did not have to do that. I followed your instructions just like you said and with it, I was able to buy the whole Vogue Knitting Stitchionary set. They were 50% off. I had money left over, so took hubby to Mc Donalds for dinner ( Im so cheap…hehehee), still had money left over, so went to Michaels and blew the rest! I bought 2 skeins of Cotton Ease in Lime, a package of mini strand lights for a Thread Ted experiment I want to crochet and as I’m traveling to the Halloween isle I find some mini trick or treat poly resin bags that are decorations for the halloween tree. I thought, ooh, I can crochet a thread ted and one of these can be it’s trick or treat bag. Sherry, you are truely a wonderful and caring person!!
To all 3 of my wonderful online friends, you are all truely a gift from God and I’m so greatful to have you all in my life. Never change!


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